9 Week Nutrients

20140222-115543.jpgThis week I received a sample nutrient pack from 9 Week Nutrients to try out. Found them on Instagram but beyond their website I have not found to much information or reviews on them. They are based here in California in the L.A. area and according to their Yelp page have been around since 2001.

Their system is actually 6, 2 part nutrients along with their own pH down and Release solution. After you have your seedlings going you start off with their Veg part A and part B then each week progress through the next 5 nutrients. Seems like a little more work to me. I currently use a 3 part solution that I adjust every couple weeks.

I’m going to give it a try in my mini aeroponics system first. Haven’t decided what to try it on but I don’t want to do just lettuce. Maybe some bell peppers or a small tomato plant. I’ll let you know shortly and I will document the progress here of course.

If you want to get your own sample pack check out their website at 9weeknutrients.com and send them a note through their contact page. Shipping charges will apply depending where you are at (it was $25 bucks for me. LA to San Diego).

Tell them I sent ya and let me know your results!

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