Aeroponics Nutrients Trial Run

aeroponics mini systemA few weeks ago I received a sample pack of nutrients from 9weeknutrients so I broke out the mini aeroponic system I built last year for a trail run.

The aeroponic system is quite easy to build yourself. I built it as a step between the seed tray and the greenhouse systems. It would be great for growing indoor lettuce or other greens, I’m going to try bell peppers.

The Aeroponics Build

I used a 10 gallon tote for the base of the system, in hindsight it should have used a little bit taller one (always the next one). The pump I purchase ended up having a less than 1/2″ opening so I had to find some adapters made from brass to make it work. If the tub was taller I could have used a bit bigger pump with a 1/2″ opening, also would allow for more root growth.

Next a built a frame out of 1/2″ PVC in the shape of an 8, or maybe it’s kind of a B. Either way I put a T in the middle to attach it to the pump. Then drilled and tapped holes for micro sprayers. Finally drilling the lid for 2″ net pots. Oh and of course I added an air stone to oxygnate the nutrients.

All together this system should cost you around $40, with the biggest cost being the water and air pumps,

Starting the Nutrient Trial

I had seeded bell peppers soon after getting the nutrients and they are finally at the stage that I think I could move in to the system to start.

So I put in about 5 gallons of dechlornated water (about an inch above the top of the pump and mixed the first batch of nutrients. 9weeknutirents has 6 levels to run through, each having a part A and part B, with This first run is using their Veg A&B (part A was a pretty shade of blue). After which I used their pH down to bring it to 5.6. After that just moved the bell peppers over to their new home and added a light. The light right now is just a CFL that I use for the seed tray, I will upgrade it to a T5 florescent when I get the chance (read when I get more money).

You can watch the video below to see the process and I will post updates as they grow bigger and I change formulas.


360ยบ Micro Sprayers
Bluelab pH Pen
Roughneck Storage Box, 10 Gal
Air Pump
EcoPlus 185 Submersible Pump or use Eco 264 Submersible Pump for larger outlet and a little more oomph in your sprayer heads
6-inch air stone

Have you tried 9weeknutrients? whats your favorite nutrients for your hydroponic or aeroponic system?

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