Another Hydroponic Headache

hydroponic squash root growth

There’s a sprayer in there somewhere

Just two posts ago I told you about some the issues I have had of late with pumps and leaks, well the fun continues. This past week I have noticed an increase in powdery mildew, lack of fruition and a lot s yellowing leaves on my squashes. In that last post it was this system that had the pump blow and I put in a spare pump which happen to be a little smaller. Tonight I peeked into the reservoir  while the pump was on and also noticed the drain was not returning a lot of of water.

Lifted one of the empty net pots to peek in the rail and it was quite full of roots but they were on the dry side. I had to peal the roots aside to find one of the sprayers and it wasn’t putting out anything! They were clogged with roots as well. I had some spare sprayers so I replaced it and did the same under all the empty net pots. this helped but I don’t think this smaller pump has the umph to drive all the sprayers in the system, especially those under the actual plants.

Think Ill be heading out in the morning to get a new, larger pump and see if that helps. Either that or turn the rails into a NFT system.

It may be to late for the plants and may need to replant some new ones. They gave me lots of great squash and I did plant early so maybe its time to change them out. I’ll give them a few days and see if they come back after pruning all the yellow leaves off.

Funny thing is the one tomato plant I have on the end is doing great.

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