Getting My Feet Wet With Aquaponics

Yep about a month ago I decided I wanted to give aquaponics a try. If I can do this large scale I think it will be cheaper for me over all since I will not have to buy nutrients. Ive learned my lessons though with going large scale right away. So I’m going to start […]

Another Hydroponic Headache

Just two posts ago I told you about some the issues I have had of late with pumps and leaks, well the fun continues. This past week I have noticed an increase in powdery mildew, lack of fruition and a lot s yellowing leaves on my squashes. In that last post it was this system […]

Self Watering Wicking Buckets

I wanted to grow even more outside the greenhouse, especially some melons. What I have read about doing melons hydroponiclly is that it isn’t very economical. They drink up quite a bit and each plant only produces a few fruits. But like I said before I’m not into lots of work. So I put together […]

Hydroponics is Not Plant and Forget Gardening

When I started hydroponics last year I’ll be honest with you it was partly because I’m lazy. The lure of work free gardening was nice but deceiving. Granted there is no weed pulling and I don’t have do get out and water every day but there are regular garden in tasks you still need to […]

Aeroponics Nutrients Trial Run

A few weeks ago I received a sample pack of nutrients from 9weeknutrients so I broke out the mini aeroponic system I built last year for a trail run. The aeroponic system is quite easy to build yourself. I built it as a step between the seed tray and the greenhouse systems. It would be […]

Elevated Wicking Bed Garden

Couple posts ago I talked about my new Wicking Bed Container Garden Where I have started growing corn. The next project was to put together a couple elevated garden beds using the wicking bed principals. I wanted these beds up high so I didn’t have to bend over much and use methods that will conserve […]

Hydroponic Greenhouse Update #1

Just wanted to do a quick post with a video walkthrough to update everyone on this years crops. It was 5 weeks ago that I put in the in the first squash, and they are growing like weeds! Had the first few blossoms this week and pollinated the first zucchini. Also started adding lettuce, kale, […]