Another Hydroponic Headache

Just two posts ago I told you about some the issues I have had of late with pumps and leaks, well the fun continues. This past week I have noticed an increase in powdery mildew, lack of fruition and a lot s yellowing leaves on my squashes. In that last post it was this system […]

Give Your Hydroponic Plants Some Support

Not talking moral support here, but talking to them and encouraging them couldn’t hurt 🙂 I’m talking physical support to be sure they grow strong. I dont know if I mentioned before but  when I first started with the squash I didnt know how tall they actually get, and with big outgoing leaves it can get unstable. […]

Hydroponic Surprises: Wet Ground is a Bad Sign

Well yesterday I actually had a full afternoon in the studio getting home a bit after 6pm. Headed out to the greenhouse to check on things and heard that awful gurgling sound that a reservoir was low and the pump was struggling. Found it to be the squash/tomato reservoir but how could that be? I just filled […]

Hydroponics: Not always Fun and Games

My posts so far have been the how tos and the success of growing so far. I may have led some to believe that it is a plant and forget type system of gardening but that is far from the case. While I do feel that it is easier then typical soil gardening and you definitely can […]

3 Hydroponic Lessons (or hindsight is 20/20)

I’ve said right away when starting this hydyroponics site that I’m no expert. I’m still researching and learning a lot of things as I go. One of the main purposes here is to share my experiences so others can learn and hopefully I can learn as well from your comments. That being said here are […]

Whats in the Greenhouse?

Well time for an update on some of the plants. Hmmmm guess since I never told you what’s in there this will be the first post with an inverntory. 5″ Rail aeroponic/hydroponics   The first set of plants I started were in the 5″ hydroponic rails when they were out in front of the house. […]

Hydroponics is Cool – An Introduction

In an interest to work on my health issues the natural way I have been doing my best to eat more fruits and fresh veggies. This means at least 2 if not 3 trips a week to my local health food store or farmers market. This gets time consuming, costs gas and the veggies are […]