Hydroponic Greenhouse Update #4

For those that dont follow my youtube channel I thought I’d do a quick post with the latest video walk through of the hydroponic greenhouse. As far as construction not much is new, only Ive added was another widow to the front. I’m still debating putting windows in the side because I haven’t really thought […]

Water For Your Hydroponic Garden

Water is the essential ingredient for any garden. Most will think that water straight from the tap will be ok for their needs, why not that’s how’ve water house plants and such. Well it will probably work but its not the best for your hydroponic plants. Most local water applies add chlorine to the water […]

Hydroponics Greenhouse Update #2″ Video Walk Through

Hello again. Have made lots of progress on the green house and its up and running. Since last post ‘GreenhouseBuild – Getting Started‘ I have completed the following: Walls all up and sealed Back window in and one front window door installed Power installed Floor finished Bucket system started Check out the video for a […]

Whats in the Greenhouse?

Well time for an update on some of the plants. Hmmmm guess since I never told you what’s in there this will be the first post with an inverntory. 5″ Rail aeroponic/hydroponics   The first set of plants I started were in the 5″ hydroponic rails when they were out in front of the house. […]

Greenhouse Build – Getting Started!

I mentioned in the first post that we decided to build a green house to put the rail system and others into. This will be great for several reasons. First once complete it will hopefully keep most of the bugs and pests away from the plants. Already I have seen evidence of something munching on […]