Getting My Feet Wet With Aquaponics

Yep about a month ago I decided I wanted to give aquaponics a try. If I can do this large scale I think it will be cheaper for me over all since I will not have to buy nutrients. Ive learned my lessons though with going large scale right away. So I’m going to start […]

Elevated Wicking Bed Garden

Couple posts ago I talked about my new Wicking Bed Container Garden Where I have started growing corn. The next project was to put together a couple elevated garden beds using the wicking bed principals. I wanted these beds up high so I didn’t have to bend over much and use methods that will conserve […]

Wicking Bed Container Gardening

This year I plan on doing a little beyond hydroponics but stay in the alternative gardening. With water being a bit pricey here and California is in a drought I’ve been looking at ways to do soil gardens while conserving water as well. Hydroponics uses a fraction of the water used in a traditional soil […]

Hydroponic Reservoir Top Off System

When the temperature starts rising you tend to lose water in your hydroponic reservoir more quickly. This can be due to evaporation as well as your plants drinking it up. This is not limited to just warm times, you will loose water over the course of time anyway. What this means is you will checking […]

Water For Your Hydroponic Garden

Water is the essential ingredient for any garden. Most will think that water straight from the tap will be ok for their needs, why not that’s how’ve water house plants and such. Well it will probably work but its not the best for your hydroponic plants. Most local water applies add chlorine to the water […]

Sex With Plants: Hand Pollinating Your Hydroponic Garden

Ok I got your attention, now lets get our minds out of the gutter. Most of us use to throw some plants in some dirt and then magically would gather up our veggies some time later. What we do’t often think about (myself included) is that plants are just like most other forms of life […]

Vertical Hydroponic Garden: How to Build Your Own

What got me all started in hydroponic gardening was seeing the garden tower by juice plus. It was cool looking and appealed to my techie side of doing things. The problem was the price tag, $500! That’s when I started doing research into this hydroponic thing and then went crazy building my own systems, I’m […]