Another Hydroponic Headache

Just two posts ago I told you about some the issues I have had of late with pumps and leaks, well the fun continues. This past week I have noticed an increase in powdery mildew, lack of fruition and a lot s yellowing leaves on my squashes. In that last post it was this system […]

Hydroponic Cucumbers: Pollinating and Harvesting

I will tell right off the bat that cucumbers are very easy to grow with hydroponics. That is the vines or bush grow fast and well, pollinating on the other hand is not the easiest. Cucumbers are like the squash I posted about earlier, you need to take pollen from the male flowers and put on […]

Growing Hydroponic Kale

Growing kale is one one of the easiest plants to grow with hydroponics. Like lettuce it grows quickly and with out much tending. Kale is also a very nutritious plant for its size and ease to grow (see little infograph below) Its a must for any healthy persons garden. Starting Off I started my kale in […]

Sex With Plants: Hand Pollinating Your Hydroponic Garden

Ok I got your attention, now lets get our minds out of the gutter. Most of us use to throw some plants in some dirt and then magically would gather up our veggies some time later. What we do’t often think about (myself included) is that plants are just like most other forms of life […]

Hydroponics Garden First Harvest

Yep, less than 30 days and we harvested our first lettuce from the hydroponic garden tonight! The lettuce was from seed that I planted in the seed tray back in the  beging of April, then moved them to the hydroponic rails a week after that. So they’ve been in the rails with a continuous Grow Formula […]