Water For Your Hydroponic Garden

Water is the essential ingredient for any garden. Most will think that water straight from the tap will be ok for their needs, why not that’s how’ve water house plants and such. Well it will probably work but its not the best for your hydroponic plants. Most local water applies add chlorine to the water […]

Vertical Hydroponic Garden: How to Build Your Own

What got me all started in hydroponic gardening was seeing the garden tower by juice plus. It was cool looking and appealed to my techie side of doing things. The problem was the price tag, $500! That’s when I started doing research into this hydroponic thing and then went crazy building my own systems, I’m […]

Building a Hydroponics Reservoir

Building a Hydroponics Reservoir If you are planning on a rail or NFT type system you will need a reservoir of some type to keep your nutrients in and to feed the plants. Actually the reservoir can be the simplest part to build, or if you are like me you’ll make it more difficult than […]

Hydroponics – The First Build

After doing some research I was eager to get started. So about 3 weeks ago I ran out and purchased a bunch of material and built my first system. This one is a hybrid aeroponics and shallow water culture I suppose. The bulk of it is sprayers built it doesn’t completely drain thus leaving about […]