Elevated Wicking Bed Garden

Elevated Wicking Bed BuildCouple posts ago I talked about my new Wicking Bed Container Garden Where I have started growing corn. The next project was to put together a couple elevated garden beds using the wicking bed principals. I wanted these beds up high so I didn’t have to bend over much and use methods that will conserve water (and let’s be honest less labor as well)

When I built these All the 2x4s I reused from my studio so they were pine, as well as reusing plastic that my neighbor had (more of a headache though). You may want to consider cedar or redwood which may drive your costs up. All the 2x4s should stay dry except from the elements so pine should be ok.

I will give you material and cut dimensions based on what I built, which is approx 2.5’x6′ and 3′ high.

Wicking Bed Material List

(9) 6′ 5.5″ cedar fence boards
(2) 10′ redwood 2x4s
(15) 8′ 2x4s (pine, cedar or redwood. Your call)
(2) 8′ 2×2
(1) roll 6mm construction plastic
(1) 12′ 3″ corrugated, perforated pipe
(1) 3″ corrugated elbow
(1) 3″ corrugated cap
(1) 2′ 3″ pvc drain pipe
(1) 3″ Cap
(1) roll of landscape fabric or shade cloth
(1) 1/2 pvc connector to male thread
(1) 1/2 pvc elbow, threaded

12 cu.ft. Of pea gravel or small river pebbles (approx.)
15 cu.ft soil mix (approx.)

Got it all? I was lucky, like I said almost all of mine was recycled material. In fact only thing I paid for was the fence boards and the trim boards of redwood. I did have to purchase all the gravel and soil which I took my time at.

Wicking Bed Cut List

(4) 2x4s at 36″
(4) 2x4s at 10″
(4) 2x4s at 23.5″
(20) 2x4s at 30″ (2 are for the legs, 18 for the garden bed
(2) 2x4s at 5’9″

Fence boards cut (6) at 5’10” and the remaining three pieces you want to cut (6) 30″ pieces
2x2s will be cut to fit in-between leg posts and to secure plastic
Redwood will be cut with 45 degree corners to cap off container

Wicking Bed Build

Ill let the photos and video below show you the build more or less, better than I can explain it here. I do recommend doing a leak test 1″ of water at a time, waiting a few hours in between. It will make it a little easier to find them. If you purchase you plastic you should have any if you are careful. Also be sure to sweep off the bed before laying the plastic.

As mentioned in the video, keep your soil moist and you will have to top water for a bit till your plants are established. then you should just have to fill up the reservoir from the pipe every other week.

If you have any questions please let me know below and ill do my best to help you out.

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