Green House Update: Next Crops

2013-06-17 18.08.36Been a little while since last post but we were going through the hot part of the year and with my health I tend to not do much 🙂 Most of the plants have given their all so a month or so ago I start remove all the plants and hydroponic equipment. All the rails have been removed and cleaned with water and bleach to get them ready for the next crops. Will be changing the A frame on the south wall to a shelf system, and increasing the size of all the drain lines to prevent back ups and reservoirs from going low. Hopefully will be making corrections from all the lessons learned from the first go around. Whats not pictured in the video is that I moved the water supply tanks to the back wall and it will now also be used as a top off tanks for all the reservoirs.

Next couple weeks I will be getting everything set back up and planting.

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