Greenhouse Rebirth 2014

Hydroponic SquashHello again! Yes its been awhile since last post. Health issues and lack of energy had caused the greenhouse to be dormant until now. A week ago I finally got off my butt and got the first rail system up and running and planted some seedlings into it. First round will be of course my favorite zucchini squash along with summer squash and Im trying some spaghetti squash this year. I also put in a cherry tomato plant but it will most likel be moved after lessons I learned last year.

Speaking of lessons that first one is tomatoes have huge root structures. The 3 I had in the rails last year took it over and caused lots of headaches, especially lesson #2…

Don’t put a plant directly over your drain! I had roots going right down the drain and causing backups. Seems like common sense but when you are trying to get as many plants in that you can you don’t think of the little things. This year less is more and skipping that spot.

I also redesigned the drain system for my NFT system. Last year I had each rail draining by flexible hose into a main 3/4″ PVC line back to the reservoir. With 5 rails this was not enough and it would back up. So I rebuilt with solid PVC from each rail down into a 1-1/4″ PVC back to the reservoir and it works nicely.

Next I will be working on the back bucket system with again, less is more 🙂 Enjoy the video walk through.


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