Growing Hydroponic Kale

hydroponic kaleGrowing kale is one one of the easiest plants to grow with hydroponics. Like lettuce it grows quickly and with out much tending. Kale is also a very nutritious plant for its size and ease to grow (see little infograph below) Its a must for any healthy persons garden.

Starting Off

hydroponic kale

hydroponic kale seedlings

I started my kale in the seeder tray from seeds about April 10th. Kale seeds are very small so you’ll end up putting a few in each rockwool cube. Once they start sprouting you can pull out the smaller weaker ones, I left 2 in generally. They stayed in the seed tray till the were a couple inches high or I could see roots peeking out the bottom. This didn’t take long as I moved them to their new home in the hydroponic NFT system on April 16th

Reaching Maturity

hydroponic kale

Smoothie indgredients from the garden

In the hydroponic system it did start off a bit bumpy. I had a few appear as their steams were pinched in, like they were lacking water. I did discover this is called damping off and the culprit in my case I think was the high reservoir temperatures as we were having a hot spell then. Damping off is a fungus so I ran some hydrogen peroxide through the system to kill off all the fungus and bacteria as well as several procedures to try and keep temps down. I was able to save them all but some have been growing sideways since 🙂

Ive been running the reservoir with Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow formula, about 2 tsp per gallon. It is in the same system that my lettuce plants and basil are in. Figured there is no bloom or fruiting 🙂 so we are good with this. I also added in some Cal Mag
as well and Hygrozyme

Picture above was taken 43 days from the transplant.

I  actually started harvesting this week and putting in my smoothies. You can harvest early as ‘baby’ kale just you do with baby spinach. Many find it to be more palatable at this stage as the leaves are softer and easier to eat. I may let some get to full size so I can make some kale chips 🙂


hydroponic kale


  1. Great post! Looking to grow some hydro kale very soon and you gave me a better idea of what to expect.

  2. How many 8-10 inch leaves do you get per week as I want to know how many to plant

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