Hydroponic Reservoir Top Off System Update

The old busted...

The old busted…

Hello hydro growers ­čÖé I did a post last year on the top off system I created using a 30 gal drum and a float valve. Well this year I decided it was time for some changes and an upgrade!

Mainly the 30 gal drum wasn’t cutting it. I only had it connected to one reservoir and the plants connected to it were drinking it up so fast I had to add water daily. I had also built this water storage system to hold water and┬ádechlorinate before I used it to fill reservoirs ( by bucket I might add)

So a couple weeks ago I decided to move the water storage next to the greenhouse and have it double as the water top off system. That gives me 165 gallons for top off and any other needs I might have and I have room to add another 55 gal  drum for a total of 220 gallons. Ive connect a second reservoir to it and in the next couple weeks I will tie the third to it as well. This should make it easier to maintain all the systems and not have to be filling reservoirs every day.

Check out the video to see the details and let me know if you have any questions

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