Hydroponics is Cool – An Introduction


In an interest to work on my health issues the natural way I have been doing my best to eat more fruits and fresh veggies. This means at least 2 if not 3 trips a week to my local health food store or farmers market. This gets time consuming, costs gas and the veggies are not cheap. This lead me to thinking about doing the backyard garden again, except for a few minor things:

  • Having to clean the backyard
  • Having to put in raised beds
  • Having to buy or condition soil
  • Planting
  • Weeding
  • Bugs
  • Bending over a lot
  • Gophers

Then I saw this Tower Garden thing that used hydroponics, but ouch $500. So after doing research on it online I was hooked and determined on building my own.

What the Hell is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics basically is growing plants without your traditional soil. Using water, liquid nutrients and sometimes an inert media to hold the plant. There are many different types of systems and you can build a small basic one for less than $100.

Of course with my OCD small and basic is out of the question. Looking online I got a few ideas and combining a few together I built my first system, a combo hydroponics/aeroponics rails using 8′ vinyl fence post from Lowes. Aeroponics is using sprayers or misters to spray the plant roots with the nutrient solution. This oxygenates the mixture more and is great for the plants. Often resulting in faster growth and greater yield.

The system is recirculating so I just check the Ph and water level once in a while and it takes care of itself. Every 2-3 weeks I drain the reservoir and add new nutrient solution. Perfect gardening for me!

Benefits of Hydro:

  • No weeding
  • No soil
  • No remembering to water daily
  • Uses less water because there is no run off
  • Faster growth
  • Greater yields
  • It’s been said tastier fruits as well

What’s Next?

Did I mention my OCD? Hydroponics is great for indoor growing but the lights are pretty expensive and in San Diego the sun is out pretty much 80% of the time but it can get cold. So I’m building a green house to put the system in and to build several other systems. Goal is to provide fresh veggies year round for me and my family.

This site/blog will be updates in my adventures in hydroponic gardening. I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch. I’m continually reading, researching and experimenting in this new hobby and feel like sharing as I go along so other may learn from what I have discovered as well as my mistakes. I’ll also have some posts showing how I built some of these systems in case you need ideas or want a step by step instruction.

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So till the next post, stay cool!


  1. Meg Salas says:

    This is great! I would love to check out an instructional post to build a smaller version for my patio!


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