Wicking Bed Container Gardening

Wicking Bed Container Garden

This year I plan on doing a little beyond hydroponics but stay in the alternative gardening. With water being a bit pricey here and California is in a drought I’ve been looking at ways to do soil gardens while conserving water as well. Hydroponics uses a fraction of the water used in a traditional soil […]

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9 Week Nutrients

9 week nutrients hydroponics

This week I received a sample nutrient pack from 9 Week Nutrients to try out. Found them on Instagram but beyond their website I have not found to much information or reviews on them. They are based here in California in the L.A. area and according to their Yelp page have been around since 2001. […]

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Hydroponic Reservoir Top Off System Update

Hello hydro growers 🙂 I did a post last year on the top off system I created using a 30 gal drum and a float valve. Well this year I decided it was time for some changes and an upgrade! Mainly the 30 gal drum wasn’t cutting it. I only had it connected to one […]

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Greenhouse Rebirth 2014

Hydroponic Squash

Hello again! Yes its been awhile since last post. Health issues and lack of energy had caused the greenhouse to be dormant until now. A week ago I finally got off my butt and got the first rail system up and running and planted some seedlings into it. First round will be of course my […]

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Green House Update: Next Crops

Been a little while since last post but we were going through the hot part of the year and with my health I tend to not do much 🙂 Most of the plants have given their all so a month or so ago I start remove all the plants and hydroponic equipment. All the rails […]

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Hydroponic Greenhouse update #5

hydroponic greenhouse

Well havent done anything as far as new additions and just been up keeping and pruning as needed. Tomatoes have started to ripen and we have harvested some last few days. Bell peppers continue to grow and still waiting for our first pickings 🙂 Squash continue to produce, harvesting a couple a week. Im looking […]

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Give Your Hydroponic Plants Some Support

Hydroponic plant support

Not talking moral support here, but talking to them and encouraging them couldn’t hurt 🙂 I’m talking physical support to be sure they grow strong. I dont know if I mentioned before but  when I first started with the squash I didnt know how tall they actually get, and with big outgoing leaves it can get unstable. […]

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