Hydroponic Cucumbers: Pollinating and Harvesting

hydroponic cucumbers

I will tell right off the bat that cucumbers are very easy to grow with hydroponics. That is the vines or bush grow fast and well, pollinating on the other hand is not the easiest. Cucumbers are like the squash I posted about earlier, you need to take pollen from the male flowers and put on […]

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Hydroponic Surprises: Wet Ground is a Bad Sign

Well yesterday I actually had a full afternoon in the studio getting home a bit after 6pm. Headed out to the greenhouse to check on things and heard that awful gurgling sound that a reservoir was low and the pump was struggling. Found it to be the squash/tomato reservoir but how could that be? I just filled […]

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Hydroponic Greenhouse Update #4

hydroponic green house update

For those that dont follow my youtube channel I thought I’d do a quick post with the latest video walk through of the hydroponic greenhouse. As far as construction not much is new, only Ive added was another widow to the front. I’m still debating putting windows in the side because I haven’t really thought […]

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Hydroponic Reservoir Top Off System

When the temperature starts rising you tend to lose water in your hydroponic reservoir more quickly. This can be due to evaporation as well as your plants drinking it up. This is not limited to just warm times, you will loose water over the course of time anyway. What this means is you will checking […]

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Hydroponics: Not always Fun and Games

hydroponic mistakes

My posts so far have been the how tos and the success of growing so far. I may have led some to believe that it is a plant and forget type system of gardening but that is far from the case. While I do feel that it is easier then typical soil gardening and you definitely can […]

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Growing Hydroponic Kale

hydroponic kale

Growing kale is one one of the easiest plants to grow with hydroponics. Like lettuce it grows quickly and with out much tending. Kale is also a very nutritious plant for its size and ease to grow (see little infograph below) Its a must for any healthy persons garden. Starting Off I started my kale in […]

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Water For Your Hydroponic Garden

hydroponic water storage

Water is the essential ingredient for any garden. Most will think that water straight from the tap will be ok for their needs, why not that’s how’ve water house plants and such. Well it will probably work but its not the best for your hydroponic plants. Most local water applies add chlorine to the water […]

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